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My name is Hannah Kristine C. Aquino (hannahkca), a multimedia creative. Experienced in creating a wide range of graphics, animation, videos and photos for various platforms. I am passionate about turning creative ideas into reality, whether it’s through branding, typography, illustration, motion design or photography. 

Creativity is at the heart of what I do. With over four years of design experience in marketing and PR agencies, working with a range of clients from various industries such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, F&B, and hospitality. Whether it’s creating a social media post, a new brand identity, designing a website or producing an animation, I put my heart and soul into every project. My goal is to create visuals that are unique, eye-catching, and above all, memorable.

Outside of the office, I enjoy doodling on my journal, creating zines, visiting art museums, watching cartoons and skateboarding.

Currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Updated CV and portfolio available upon request. Feel free to reach out at



Scoutmag Featured Artist

HannahKCA’s zines are cute, personal anecdotes on growing up

Young Star: The Youth Is On Fire Zine

Artwork contribution (page 4)

Young Star: The Youth Is On Fire Zine

Artwork contribution (page 22)

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